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Composite Repair Jobs

We provide professional composite repair jobs such as:

  • Repairs of wheel shoes and aerodynamic covers
  • Structural repairs
  • Approved propeller repairs
... and much more

Why us?

We have got many years of experience with composite repairs supported by knowledge from the Dynamic OK Edition project. Our technicians are trained in composite repairs from WT9 Aerospool and at the same time   they have got experience and certificate experience for composite repairs of Cirrus, Piper, Pilatus and Hartzell propellers.

We use only approved procedures and materials.


OK Aviation Group

Drásov 201
261 01 Příbram
Czech Republic

Příbram Airport (LKPM)
GPS 49.716N 14.096E
Příbram RADIO: 118,755 MHz


+420 318 690 644
+420 318 690 645

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